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EliteXC’s June card released

I was slightly concerned that EliteXC might scrap their June 14th card on account of the Shields/Fickett fight being pulled. After all, they’ve been known to cancel cards in the past when stuff like this happens. But fortunately for us, the event will still go on, and a good chunk of the card has been formally announced:

      * K.J. Noons vs. Yves Edwards (for EliteXC’s lightweight title)
* Nick Diaz vs. Muhsin Corbbrey
* Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello
* Wayne Cole vs. Rafael Feijao
* Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman

So who, you might be asking, is Tony Bonello? Well, he’s an Australian fighter who doesn’t seem to suck! I know, pretty amazing, huh? While he hasn’t faced any serious talent yet, he’s got a 16-0-1 record and a reputation as the real deal. Oh, and a rep as a bit of a jackass too. When a fight between him and Elvis Sinosic fell apart, he showed up at the show wearing an “Elvis Sinosic is a spineless prick” t-shirt.

  • frickshun says:

    Wow. It certainly doesn’t have the name recognition that the May card has. As much as I’m looking forward to the main event, I doubt any casual fans give a crap.

  • dignan says:

    I thought that Noons fight with Diaz was great…well at least Noons looked fantastic. He is one of the few guys that has equally strong kicks and boxing. Serious power.

  • Steve4192 says:

    You might want to look a little deeper into Bonello’s reputation. Many of his ‘wins’ are suspected works, and he has a horrible reputation as a sham in MMA. He’s essentially considered in the same class as Shannon Ritch, except he always gets to come out on the winning side in his fixed fights rather than on the losing side like Ritch. Watch some of his youtube clips and draw your your own conclusions.

    I’m not a big Ninja fan, but I fully expect Rua to expose Bonello as a fraud.

  • interesting, checking em out

  • ilostmydog says:

    LOL yeah. Steve beat me to it, but I was going to mention that Bonello has a reputation as a fraud, rather than a real fighter. He’s basically a Heath Pedigo that hasn’t been caught yet.

  • koolpaw says: could be a legit source for Kangaroo.. oops Australian MMA scene?

    im not sure about them coz my damn drunken kangaroo friend there doesnt like any kind of combat sports. He never checks MMA news there for me grrrrr


  • I never heard about Bonello being a fraud… I trained with the same team as him in Australia (ROOTS BJJ) and they are the real deal, hard as fuck.
    He came in to do a class with us and taught us some really great stuff. I trained with his fighting buddy who proceeded to crank my neck so bad I still feel it today.
    I heard he is a nutjob though… turned up at Mario Sperry’s house unannounced one day and was having dinner there or something while Mario wasn’t there… he got home and wasn’t happy about it.