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EliteXC weight classes are gay, but not THAT gay

This has been the month of the press conference / conference call. In addition to the UFC and Couture conferences, the IFL apparently had one earlier this week and EliteXC had one yesterday. Of course, neither of those fuck nuggets thought we here at Fightlinker were worth inviting, despite the fact that we had some seriously awesome questions to ask both parties:


  • How much will you charge for blowjobs in 2009 when you are destitute and living on the street?
  • Is hindsight really 20/20 or do you still think you’re smart?
  • Who’s responsible for you guys sucking so bad and when does he get fired?


  • Who’s responsible for completely fucking up Kimbo Slice’s debut with your organization?
  • Since you’ve now got drug users, felony fighters, and kidnappers in your league, how long till you start adding rapists, murderers, and nazis? I understand your farm league has several of these?
  • When is Gary’s loser son $kala going to fight Robbie Lawler?

But hey, I’m not all about shit disturbing. For example, half the blogs on the internet are freaking out that Gary Shaw has ditched the standard Unified Rules weight classes in favor of his own system: 140, 150, 160, 170, 185, 205, 205+ and 265+. But when you wash the sand out of your vagina and actually think about it, this move isn’t as bad as it really seems.

Hey, I’ve said it before: the last thing MMA needs is 20 different weight classes. But in this case, Gary hasn’t actually added a bunch more. Basically all his system does is (theoretically) lessen the number of pounds a fighter has to cut by 5 pounds. Here’s the unified weight classes next to the Shaw-daddy classes:

  • 135 / 140
  • 145 / 150
  • 155 / 160
  • 170 / 170
  • 185 / 185
  • 205 / 205
  • 205+ / 205+
  • 265+ / 265+

Of course, if the point is to keep his fighters from cutting too much it isn’t going to work. Fighters will always cut like emo teenagers, and if you give them 5 pounds to play with, it just makes it more likely that they’ll try to cut down another weight class. You can’t trust these morons to be reasonable. They’ll take every inch you give them and try to squeeze as much advantage out of it as possible.

So while this isn’t exactly the best idea in the world, it’s not like Shaw is adding stupid ‘super middleweight’ and ‘ultra light’ classes.

  • Jaiden says:

    The IFL has its problems, but I actually enjoy their broadcasts when they come on….

    I don’t think fighters should compete that much though, among other things…