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Everyone’s Gettin’ Naked in Florida!

As Ryan mentioned earlier today, I’m here in Fort Lauderdale covering the madness here at EliteXC’s third installment on CBS. And yes, Gina Carano did remove her clothing to weigh-in and yes, the towel slipped a bit, but no, I did not get any photos and even if I did, you wouldn’t be seeing them. Gina groaned as employees brought towels, covering her face, while Tito Ortiz yelled from the side, “Do what you gotta do, Gina!” I doubt that comforted her.

I’m of course out there putting my handiwork all over the internets and I’m finding most of the “reporting” to be vastly exaggerated and a lot of it plain untrue.

A lot of people are saying that Gina can’t drop a pound and three-quarters in the few minutes between her first and third attempt. Personally, I think the scale was running a teeny bit heavy from the EliteXC provided scale as I also stayed for the undercard and a few fighters were surprised to not make weight, having weighed themselves only half an hour ago. Mainly, I think what contributed to the strange second reading (where there was barely a difference even though she had removed her skirt) were the amount of people running around on the stage and some people even standing on the wooden platform where the scale sat. I believe if things were not so chaotic, that second reading would have been 141.

I’m also reading reports from the weigh-ins phrased as if she missed weight even after running around for an hour, but that’s not what happened.

The commission member nearly showed Daley’s royal jewels celebrating Daley making weight by pulling the towel away then realizing his actions halfway and putting the towel back. Paul Daley did what I knew he would, hype the fight by getting in Jake Shields’ face — why wouldn’t he? This is a guy who challenged Eddie Alvarez right after Alvarez won to a hometown crowd, yelling to all the boos, “I’m the fucking best!”

Daley reached to give Shields a playful pat on the cheek and Shields went after him. Even after they were pulled backstage, the curtain and the backdrop continued to shake and pull, and I wished I had a video camera since a photo of a moving curtain, is just a photo of a curtain.

Ken Shamrock shoved Kimbo, and while I expected Shamrock to hype the fight, I wasn’t ready for that. Kimbo certainly was not either and his manager was visibly upset that something like this was allowed to happen.

After the weigh-ins, Kimbo and his family hung out on the balcony of the Bank Atlantic Center’s Chairman’s club, laughing about the incident. Fiancé Antoinette reenacted her outrage at Shamrock’s antics, ready to hop on stage and thrown down for her man.

Check out the rest of the photos here and I just want to post this one of Kelly Kobold because I like it.