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EliteXC to show some non-Carano female fighting

Well look at this: EliteXC is planning on televising a women’s MMA match that doesn’t feature Gina Carano. On October 26th, Shayna Baszler will take on ‘Fight Girl’ washout Jennifer Tate on the next ShoXC card. Of course the match is basically just a setup to determine Gina’s next opponent, and of course the fight is stacked Shayna’s way. Jennifer Tate isn’t close to being considered top talent in female MMA. Hell, she’s not even the best girl named Jennifer in women’s MMA. But she’s got some ubiquitous fame from that show that was on that women’s TV channel, and she’s not too rough on the eyes. That’s all it takes for Gary Shaw, so away we go.

I know I’m rough on EliteXC, especially considering they’re the only organization that’s putting any weight behind their women’s division. But until they start featuring some comely chicks with crew cuts, broken noses, and most importantly 10+ fights under their belts, I’m gonna keep harassing them. They’ve taken a big step in the right direction, but there’s always room for improvement.

PS: About EliteXC being the only org featuring women … yeah, there’s Bodog too. But we don’t talk about Bodog. I tried to watch Bodog once and spirits shot out of the screen and melted everyone’s head like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now we don’t speak of Bodog. Hush now. Hush.

  • kentyman says:

    “putting […] weight behind their women’s division”. Nice.

    Gina’s gonna sit on you for saying that.

  • Tommy says:

    I’d like to know what going on with Antonio Silva. Him and say Lesner would be a great fight to talk shit about.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    boring. girl fights suck!

  • Oh ted, you poor ignorant soul

  • sonicbh says:

    Just wanted to leave a note about this fight. It will be at 135, but the division is at 140?? To Shayna’s defense she is a great fighter with a solid track record of facing tough opponents, as far as this fight I know it was a last minute deal so sometimes you can’t get great fighters last minute. I am looking forward to this fight and the Carano-Baszler fight.