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EliteXC ticket sales are low

Gary Shaw took some time away from talking mad trash against Dana White and made an interesting comment at the last press conference:

“Ticket sales are at about 7,000 right now. We are happy about it. In-arena ticket sales may be hurt because of the area and because it is going to be on primetime television. I think we have done such a spectacular job talking about CBS that it is almost like people want to stay home and watch it on CBS and have a party.”

I don’t want to be sounding the horn of doom or anything, but with all the mainstream attention (aka constant attack articles), you’d think EliteXC would be able to sell out the place. Should we be linking mediocre ticket sales to the possibility of mediocre TV ratings? If the show was promoted enough in New Jersey (and Shaw’s been in the promotion business long enough to figure it has been), does this mean average MMA fans just don’t give enough of a shit to go? Is this yet another example of the UFC being hot, not MMA? Can I ask any more questions? Who’s on first? What’s going on? Who let the dogs out?

  • Ben F says:

    I gotta say Fightlinker, I don’t think they have promoted this as a live event enough in the NYC/New Jersey area. I live in NYC and have seen hardly any ads for it. The subways are covered with WEC ads, but almost no Elite XC ones.

    Maybe they’re doing a better job in Jersey, but if you have an event in Newark you’ve got to try and promote it in New York. From what I’ve seen WEC is kicking their ass in the city.

  • If the really wanted to go east coast they should have done it in Kimbo’s hometown of Miami like his debut.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Certainly no EliteXC anything here in Boston, but buses are plastered with Faber vs Pulver ads. And WEC is kicking their ass at the box office too. Starting to sound like they may sell out Arco, like 18,000 seats…that’s craziness.

  • i doubt the WEC will sellout as a 18k arena but more likely 10k which is still pretty good.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Well, when I search for blocks of tickets (4 together), I’m getting upper balcony seats in the corners of the arena in row J. That’s telling me that they’re probably around 15k now.

  • that would be more than UFC 65 then

  • What this tells me is that people are interested in curious about Kimbo, but the fact that he can’t sellout an arena means that he hasn’t quite reached super stardom yet. With Carano and Kimbo, getting all this attention, I’m really surprised actually.

  • Why would any halfway decent promoter or company run to do a show in a brand new building where the UFC just ran a fucking sold out capacity crowd only 7 months prior? Unless you sell out every fucking seat you DIDN’T DO AS GOOD A JOB AS ZUFFA in selling tickets period.

    For Shaw to say” Oh it’s the area around the arena.”
    No you stupid fuck faced tracksuited platapus! The P.Center is only 12 minutes SOUTH of the Meadowlands Arena, it is in the central part of the business district in town AND there are MORE MODES OF DIRECT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO THE NEW FUCKING BUILDING THAN THE WHOLE SWAMPLANDS SPORTS COMPLEX FEATURES!!!!

    EXC=Epic Fail XC after this cluster fuck of a show.

    Keep in mind when the IFL was on My Network TV every week they LEGIT sold 8000 tickets to the Meadowlands in August of 07 for the Playoffs. This past show they did somewhere between 3500 to 4500 depending on who you talk to. For EpicFailXC to not do DOUBLE what the IFL is doing is just another example to Shaw’s inability to produce, just like his boxing tracksuit record shows for the most part. Fuck him, fuck CBS for not putting forth credible fights on this show and fuck the UFC for not being “the first” on this one.

  • Damn. I thought the IFL did better but i wasn’t sure if their crowd was all papered or not

  • Ben F says:

    Papered. Heavily.

  • ClintK9 says:

    I think the show isn’t selling that well, cause the Card basically sucks… Like to see Kimbo get tested, but James Thompson is LAME (used to be exciting before he lost a few, and lost some muscle due to lack of Juice)…

    Scott Smith for a Title shot !!!

    Card would be WAY better like this:

    Kimbo vs. Pat Smith (or Sapp, Kimo, ButterBean, Cabbage, Wes Sims, Goodridge)…

    Lawler vs. Baroni (Title)
    James Thompson vs. Brett Rogers
    BigFoot Silva vs. (Sapp, Goodridge, Bean, Sims, Cabbage, Kimo)…

  • Beau says:

    ClintK9, you might wanna know what you’re talking about before you start spouting shit out your ass. James Thompson vs. Brett Rogers, sounds like a great fight, except that it just fucking happened and Brett knocked his fuckin head off. I’m surpirsed you didn’t list Tank Abbott as who they should replace Thompson with as Kimbo’s opponent.

    Back to the subject but not really. I’m going to see AFL: Bulletproof tonight at Phillips Arena here in Atlanta and I’m glad I waited for the event to start getting papered cause it is and you can get good free tickets on ticketmaster. Can’t wait to see some UFC washouts beat the shit out of eachother. There are a few local guys with good records. I’ll let you all know if I see anyone who looks promising.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    Clint: Brett Rogers just knocked out Thompson in his last fight, fail number 1. Baroni does in no way or universe deserve a title shot ever again, fail number 2. I personally care even less about Pat Smith, Wes Sims, Butterbean, Leopoldo or Correira than I do about Thompson. At least, Thompon makes for an entertaining fight because he either wins or loses in a blaze of glory in the first round. So that’s fail number 3.
    So basically, the only things in your post that I would like better than what EliteXC has put on would be Kimbo vs. Sapp and the addition of Bigfoot against any victim. I don’t think the EliteXC card is all that great either, don’t get me wrong on that, but you just convinced me that you would be doing a much worse job than Gary Shaw. Congratulations.

  • The few RARE times the IFL hasn’t had to paper a building you can count those shows on a single hand.
    2 of the Meadowlands Arena shows sold well to excellent. The Mark of the Quad shows did extremely well, the Seattle and Oregon shows did very well ontop of that. The Vegas show? pffft. Fucking Tiki Goshen has had more success in the UFC than the IFL had in Vegas.
    Oh and the Mohegan Sun shows surprisingly enough while papered have sold quite a respectable amounts of tickets for those events. The lone Miami show @ the Hard Rock was close to sold out too.

    The only show that Exc has hosted that wasn’t heavily papered was the Miami event with Kimbo as the headliner which drew 6-7k in sales, The Strikeforce events were always Bodog sponsored or EXC sponsored and it wouldn’t be justified to credit Exc for those strong event sales because StrikeForce does the numbers in the San Jose area regardless.

  • Second on Ben F’s comment, because he knows better than almost any other living person, that the IFL events were heavily papered. 7k in New Jersey for semis. 3500 for finals in Florida. And so few in Chicago Grand Prix that you could almost not get arrested at the event…with one exception.

    I left it out of my write-up because I was feeling charitable (and extremely buzzed) but when the question of ticket sales was asked, you could see and hear from across the room Gary Shaw’s body and voice shift. And as he clawed for an answer you knew that this was a promoter who was deeply unhappy about having to reveal this fact but was desperately trying to put the best possible spin on it.

    As far as I can tell the promotion is totally focused on TV with almost nothing for the live event. My jiujitsu instructor is cornering one of the prelim fighters and he asked me where in New Jersey the fight was being held. I guessed and got it wrong. This was Thursday morning.

    For the record: Prudential Center in Newark. Maybe Cory Booker will show up.

  • ajadoniz says:

    UFC is hot and most people who i know that know who kimbo is know him cuz of youtube and actually think he is in the UFC because they watched his mma fights on the internet. They aren’t even watching the show, they looking for him. gary will never be able to be anywhere near the jazzercize instructor.