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EliteXC still in search of another Gina

EliteXC amuses and infuriates me at the same time with the way they book their female fighters. There are lots of very talented and experienced women out there who need a place to compete against eachother, but for the most part EliteXC seems more interested in searching for the next Gina Carano: another hotty who bangs hard.

One person who was brought in for a tryout was the 1-0 Melanie Lacroix (above to the right), who won her first ShoXC bout in April but then took a three round whupping at the hands of Katrina Alendal (pictured above on the left). Alendal came into the fight with a 1-3 record, making me wonder if she wasn’t supposed to be a softball for Lacroix. Things didn’t quite work out though – check out the Sherdog photo gallery of the fight … it’s practically a flipbook of pain from start to finish.

I don’t want to imply that barbie chicks can’t fight … but because of the way EliteXC books women, I’m uber-skeptical of anyone that looks more like a model than a fighter. I just wish that experience and talent didn’t take such a hardcore backseat to looks.