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EliteXC scoops up Jason Guida

Did you stick around for the TUF premiere following yesterday’s UFC Fight Night? SpikeTV hopes you did – the whole point of chaining the two together is to trick you into giving TUF yet another chance.

So if you fell for that, you probably remember an overweight Jason Guida guy rolling around on the floor exposing his anus and genitalia to the masses. At the end of the show, the deep-voice announcer dude said you could ‘see more’ of Jason trying to make weight online. For fear of what ‘seeing more’ might entail, I did not take him up on that offer.

Now comes the news that EliteXC has signed Jason Guida to a contract, news that might have seemed like a good idea until you saw how the dude came off on the show. I wonder if anyone asked him how he did on TUF before handing him the paperwork. “Okay, so you didn’t make it into the house. Did you at least fight? No? Well, at least you didn’t come off like a whiny bitch, right? Oh. Hmm. Did you at least make it out with a little dignity? No, huh. Well that sucks.”

Congrats to EliteXC on their new 207 pound lemon! Keep reaching for the stars, guys. At least Jason will fit in well with the gang at EliteXC – half of them can’t seem to make weight either.