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EliteXC re-signs three big names

Last week we talked about how agent extraordinaire Mark Dion was an idiot for not re-signing his client KJ Noons with EliteXC. The promotion made it clear that without a contract extension, Noons wouldn’t be featured on the network shows. With that in mind it’s not surprising that several other big names in the company have recently been locked in:

Robbie Lawler, Gina Carano and Kimbo Slice have all signed new multi-year agreements with EliteXC. The exact length and terms of the contracts were no disclosed.

Gary Shaw, EliteXC President, had this to say:

“We’re extremely happy to get these deals done with Kimbo, Gina and Robbie,” Shaw said. “Fighters know EliteXC is the place to be and the organization to fight for, which is why we’ve always been able to sign or re-sign almost each and every one of our fighters.”

It’s important to note though that as far as fighting is concerned, Gina Carano doesn’t really have anywhere else to go. She torpedoed the Strikeforce women’s division plans when she went over to EliteXC, and the only other promotion that ever managed anything half-decent with female fighting was BodogFight. And they’re about as close to being belly up in the fishbowl as you can get. They’re like that fish in the tank at the chinese restaurant that swimming all funny and having a hard time not being sideways because only one little flipper is working anymore. It’s freaking depressing to see that shit. I came for the General Tso chicken, goddamnit.

Kimbo Slice also knows that EliteXC’s got his back, while Dana White has made it VERY clear that the only reason he’d bring Slice to the UFC would be to throw him in a meatgrinder against the hardest fighters possible. Oh, and if you lose a few fights (or sometimes just one) you’re gone too. Now why wouldn’t Kimbo choose that over EliteXC?

Robbie Lawler also knows how things work … he was supposed to be the next big thing till he dropped a duece in the UFC, and not the smelly brown kind. He lost back to back against Nick Diaz and Evan Tanner, so they bounced him out of the organization. It’s pretty interesting when you’ve got guys like him fighting for EliteXC. You get the feeling that no matter how big and successful they become they’ll never have the inclination to go back to the UFC because of how they were treated in the past.