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EliteXC makes my head hurt with dumb.

Ah, Jared Shaw. What exactly do you do for EliteXC other than leak news to the media and act as posterboy for silver spoon no talent ass clowns? I wish I could hate Jared to death. I wish they could harness the power generated from my hatred towards him, because then we could free ourselves from our reliance on foreign oil. There’s not enough rocks on the planet earth for me to throw at his lumpy head. God damn you Jared Shaw. Swallow your tongue and die.

So anyways, here’s Jared’s latest soundbyte:

“Jake Shields and Paul Daley have a date on Oct. 4,” quipped Shaw. “Both fighters have verbally agreed. Bout agreements are out and we’re just waiting for them to come back in.

“Unlike some others, these are two guys that I trust their word,” he said of the verbal commitments from Shields and Daley.

Shaw was obviously taking a jab at the camp of K.J. Noons, EliteXC’s 160-pound divisional champion. The promotion has taken its pressure public to try and get Noons to agree to a rematch with No. 1 contender Nick Diaz on Oct. 4.

“We faxed over a contract to Noons’ people and he has until 5 p.m. Pacific Time (on Thursday) to sign it and get it back to us, or they’ll be forcing our hand,” stated Shaw.

Asked what he meant by his “forcing our hand” comment, the EliteXC executive said that if Noons and his camp decline the fight, it is within the promotion’s right to extend the term of his contract.

So let’s see what’s up: they’re throwing Paul Daley under the bus by booking him against Jake Shields, and there’s now only the smallest chance left that we’ll get to see a Noons vs Diaz rematch. What ever happened to the days when EliteXC would announce something and everyone would go “Wow, cool! Awesome!” Actually, I guess we never did that (well, except when Strikeforce was involved).