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EliteXC lands on CBS, first show to be between episodes of Murder She Wrote and Touched by an Angel

I don’t understand why I continue to be on Team UFC. I haven’t been in such an abusive relationship since I was an Ottawa Senators fan back in 1994 when they literally sucked shit out of asses nonstop. Dana White treats us fan sites like shit, he’s probably got lawyers looking over this site with a fine tooth comb so he can sue me out of existence. Yet when the news comes out that EliteXC (who hath done me no wrong) has landed a deal with CBS, all I can think of is “Shit, I wish it was the UFC!”

What the fuck is wrong with me? EliteXC has proved that they can put on good shows with good fights. Sure, the wigger presentation is annoying, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. The fact that they’ve apparently landed a prime time deal with CBS should have me jumping for joy: this is a MASSIVE step forward for MMA. This is also a huge step towards destroying the monopoly the UFC had. This is GOOD NEWS. GOOD NEWS.

But again, I can’t help wanting to bang my head against a brick wall when I read again that the UFC had this shit on lockdown but fucked it up over ‘creative control’ issues. Blows my freaking mind.

Anyways, stop thinking about the UFC. Be happy for EliteXC. Yes. This is good. Gooood.

  • FRANKIE says:

    This is absolutely good, assuming it really happens. It means more exposure for MMA and some real competition for the UFC for the first time in a while. And if EliteXC on CBS does well other networks will try much harder to come to some deal with ZUFFA.

    I do wonder if this is going to get Dana in hot water with the Fertittas. This is the latest in a long line of things he’s fucked up in the last little while. If he wasn’t such a stubborn asshole the UFC could have had a major TV deal in place months ago.

  • Captain says:

    MMA is already getting heat from the likes of Wilbon and Kornheiser and many other sports writers who think the face of MMA is Kimbo Slice. If EliteXC goes on network TV promoting fights with the likes of Kimbo and Krazy Horse based on there streetfighting background, the negative press will mount. If McCain somehow gets elected president on top of that, MMA could face some serious criticisms. Needless to say, I am not so sure this is going to be good for MMA.

  • FRANKIE says:

    MMA is already out of the bag. Nobody’s going to be able to stuff it back in. And hasn’t McCain gotten over his hissy fit about “human cockfighting” by now?

  • Yep, EliteXC certainly does grab up every degenerate fighter they can get their hands on. The question is if they were just doing this because they needed every decent fighter that was available, regardless of their history? When they land a position where they don’t have to keep guys like Krazy Horse around, will they drop him?

  • Sort of a good day for mma but just can’t help but dislike Gary Shaw. Maybe its slimy boxing promoter wanna be mobster vibe he gives off but I just have the feeling hes gonna fuck up MMA somehow.

  • Márcio says:

    It’s a shame that CBS won’t show the premier product (UFC) but EliteXC may cash in alot of money with this deal and use it to grow. If I was the UFC this would make me nervous.

  • TKO Todd says:

    Is it any surprise since CBS is the parent company of Showtime? Of course UFC won’t be on that network. Hopefully NBC can do something though.

  • Apparently NBC refuses to deal with Dana White (yes, Dana White specifically). Hmmmmmm

  • Lifer says:

    dude no.. this is a MASSIVE step for wiggers!!! why is no one seeing what i’m seeing??!

  • mjc_123 says:

    This may be harsh as most of ELITE XC’s events of late and strikeforce partnership events have been very good BUT, after the Kimbo spectacle, which IMO was sloppy and awful im left thinking if you show a turd to millions its still a turd….

    Elite XC best do good for their big time debut, no more KIMBO v Tank shit

  • Anubis says:

    The truth is that Dana White is now a liability for the UFC. He arrogantly thinks he knows best in terms of managing the UFC brand and anticipating what customers demand. The truth is that the industry has outgrown Dana White. There’s only one Steve jobs. I work in Silicon Valley and I’ve seen it a hundred times. The executive who presides over a new business model and unbridled growth often is the wrong guy for building a sustainable and mature business. The UFC needs new leadership to maintain their edge against fierce competition and the maturity to make the big deals. Dana is the now the other white meat.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Agreed, Dana’s “creative control” point is fucking stupid. With the caliber of fighters the UFC has, it does not matter how badly CBS could fuck up “creatively”, whatever the fuck that means. All that could have happened is way more exposure which would equal way more new fans, because the UFC has a product which sells itself. This was a win-win situation for the UFC and Dana somehow managed to lose.

  • Xavier says:

    “EliteXC has proved that they can put on good shows with good fights.”

    Hahahahahaha. Yeah, right.

    EliteXC is pretty carny and I expect it being aired on CBS to do tremendous damage to MMA in the mainstream. The first Kimbo Slice freakshow fight or the first female MMA fight where a nose explodes or a large gash is opened… shit is going to hit the fucking fan when it comes to the mainstream and politicians regarding MMA.

    This is pretty much the worst thing they could happen for MMA in general. EliteXC is the trashiest “viable” promotion to be picked up. Hell, the IFL landing on CBS would have been more of a positive.

  • Tanner says:

    yeah it seems like dana’s got to get this whole ego thing in check. I don’t think that EliteXC will kill the UFC but they’re doing better and better things, and with DREAM launching over in Japan this could definitly end up splitting the talent across those shows.

  • el feo says:

    don’t feel bad, I was a LA Kings fan. Stop laughing.

  • Heh, beats being a Chicago Blackhawks fan :-p

  • Beau says:

    This is pretty cool because we’ll have more MMA on free TV. As far as this being some giant leap I’m not convinced. They are putting on one event every other month on CBS, with 4 events being lined up. If Boxing had a deal for one fight every other month on CBS would people be like “ZOMG! boxing is back!!!!” Probably not. People acting like this will be some huge influx of cash for elitexc are retarded too. One 2 hour show every other month is not gonna fill up the banks for them. Unless the ratings are through the roof this won’t be that big of a deal. I mean, who doesn’t have cable by now anyways, and whoever doesn’t have cable is probably a poor smelly bastard who could never afford a PPV or merchandise or a ticket to an event anyways. They need to showcase Jake Shields, Robbie Lawler, Ninja Rua, and Nick Diaz and not put on shit fights for this thing to have a chance.

  • R. Alexander says:

    Do you have to use “wigger”? Wack-ass is just as truthful a description of the unnecessary aspects of the shows. Just wondering.