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EliteXC is buying everyone!

The EliteXC conference call for their Sept 15th event was held today and being the stoner he is, Nick Diaz forgot all about it and didn’t call in. Sam Caplan did, and here’s a breakdown of what was revealed:

-EliteXC seems to be buying into all the major independant organizations. They just bought majority stake in Cage Rage, and have offers in for Icon, King of the Cage, and Rumble on the Rock. You know Cage Rage is a big deal because the UFC is suing them. In fact, Cage Rage is doing so well the UFC decided to book their first UFC show in England on the same date as Cage Rage. You know a company respects you when they do everything they can to crush you.

Of course, all this consolidation means that Dana White just has to crush one big organization rather than an endless parade of little organizations. Now if EliteXC goes down in flames, it’s taking a lot of other groups with it.

-They still don’t know what the fuck they’re doing with weight classes … they’ve now got 155 and 160 weight classes. The 160 weight class is for little lazy guys who don’t like cutting the extra 5 pounds. My assumption is this weight class was designed especially for Hawaiians.

-No one asked why the fuck EliteXC booked Nick Diaz versus a relative nobody. Someone did ask if Diaz vs Gomi 2 could happen in an EliteXC match. Might as well have asked for Diaz vs Hulk Hogan. Hmmm….

-Shaw said he’s got three more female fighters he’s looking to sign and should have names to announce by the 15th. Big question mark is if they’re serious names in women’s MMA or more barbie dolls to feed Gina.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Brad Pitt:
    Aina (Diaz’s opponent) is a tough dude who throws pretty good hands. I think a lot of people will be surprised. I expect those two to come out swinging.
    I’ve got some video of Aina on my site that I found on YouTube.

  • We had the Aina video up too for a while, but the site broke and WordPress tends to eat videos. Here’s what we wrote about Aina:

  • “My assumption is this weight class was designed especially for Hawaiians.”

    That one had me laughing really good. Classic.

  • Matt says:

    Fun fight to watch, but Nick has much more technical stand up and if he can aviod anything big he should pick him apart..

    WTF is up w/ everyone busting Nicks balls? “Nick is a pothead” seems to be the first thing out of ppls mouth everytime Diaz is mentioned.. Dont act like you have NEVER taken a few hits for yourself.. Its childish to act like pot is that big of a deal and Nick (even though he pissed THC) deserves your fucking respect.. Seriously, I can’t think of another A-class fighter that gets ripped as much as he does…

  • maafaka says:

    if Nick would use the half brain hes got (the other half is actually used by his brother Nate) he would understand that EXC is in serious need of serious names in the game and that he has some tools of leverage to make them hype up a decent fight – with a decent opponent- at this point of his career ( ala frankie Shamrock).
    Its not like he has to start all over again everytime hes jumping in a new org.

  • Matt, I mock Nick when he does stupid pothead moves … missing the conference call on the first fight in EliteXC = DUMB.

  • Matt says:

    I understand what you are saying.. Its just the culmination of negative articles/post I see about him that makes my head want to explode.. Sorry for being a dick.

  • Hehe it’s all good, we’re all allowed our opinions. I agree nick gets a lot of heat, and no one really brings up the fact that he’s an amazing triathelete and all the other good stuff he does.

    But dude’s gotta get it together … missing the conference call was not a smart career mood. If he loses to Mike Aina he’s gonna go down as an inconsistent fluke fighter. The UFC has already gotten sick of his shit … I expect Shaw’s got a higher bullshit threshold but it’s not unlimited.