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EliteXC Heat vs UFC 86

Should EliteXC be happy that they haven’t drawn the ire of the UFC to the point where they get counter-programmed with a live event a la Affliction? Or should they be insulted that the UFC and Spike feel confident enough in their domination that a rerun of a PPV event will suffice as competition?

As usual, I turn to my brother for input on what he thinks of the UFC’s plan to put UFC 86 (featuring Rampage vs Griffin) on SpikeTV against EliteXC’s CBS Heat event on October 4th. Since he represents ‘the casual fan’, I’ve always found his insight interesting. I know I’ll be watching Heat because I’m gonna kinda be covering it for the site. How about people who don’t feel that burning need to watch every second of MMA that comes out?

He asked if Nick Diaz was fighting (“He was supposed to but the promotion fucked that up”) and then said it depended on how the fights lined up. He wanted to watch Rampage / Griffin again to judge for himself who won. “There’s nothing on EliteXC that interests me enough to pass that up.” And that’s with him having seen UFC 86 already.