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EliteXC Heat ratings are in

And they’re … nearly identical to the numbers EliteXC got from their first show. What does that mean? Here’s MMA Payout with their educated impression:

ProElite’s future as a going concern is the central question emerging from the show. The rating appears to be in-line with the 5/31 debut, however, that number was considered only marginally successful and the failure to build any audience has to be seen as a negative. I would be surprised to see CBS move forward with the company based on these results, particularly financially.

Keep in mind that EliteXC just threw 50% of it’s starpower through a woodchipper. And it’s still a question as to how Gina Carano will carry ratings on her own without Kimbo Slice sharing the card. I’ll defend Gina’s skills as a fighter to the end, but I will also admit that I’m unsure if women’s MMA is accepted enough for EliteXC to build a successful show around her alone.

How is EliteXC supposed to bounce back with a strong fourth card now? Will CBS even move forward with another show considering their name is being dragged through the mud for participating in the smoke and mirrors hype that was Kimbo Slice? CBS is saying they’re staying the course for now, but I’ve never seen so much outrage from all corners, especially the mainstream media. It’s like they fell for the Kimbo hype and now they feel like they got tricked into thinking he was something he wasn’t. And now they are fucking pissed off and out for blood.