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EliteXC Heat coverage

We’ll have the chat up at 8:30PM and fight by fight posting during the show. No live radio show after, though.

Now’s your last chance to get in on the retardo odds for this event via BetUS. We talked about the insane spread (is ‘spread’ the right word to use?) between the favorites and the underdogs, so if you’ve got a feeling that someone’s gonna pull an upset, you could make a few bucks. Remember to only bet with money you can’t afford to lose. It makes the fights way more exciting!

Sam Caplan has a jedi vibe that at least one fight tonight is gonna end like that … he’s picking Paul Daley to upset Jake Shields. I think gravity is on Shields’ side so that ain’t gonna be the one. Because I’m an MMA anarchist and love it when plans are fucked up, I’m hoping hard that Roy Nelson knocks out Andrei Arlovski. Wouldn’t that be the funniest shit ever???