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EliteXC guns for Fedor

I am so fucking behind on the news right now that it’s insane … and that’s with mega balls-out blogging for the past two days. I’m still trying to fully digest everything that happened on Monday, let alone what’s gone down on Tuesday and let’s just pretend that Wednesday is a void of news, at least until Friday when I finally catch up. So long as you and I both know that this site isn’t exactly your destination for breaking news, we is all good. Yeah? Yeah. All right!

One bit of news that was pretty hot forever ago but is now growing mold is that Fedor was offered a four fight deal with EliteXC:

According to a source close to the negotiations, the deal would call for a base pay somewhere between $300,000 and $500,000 per fight. Additionally, after the two fights (which would air on CBS or Showtime), Emelianenko’s next two fights would air on pay-per-view. As part of the deal, he would receive a portion of the PPV revenue, and the “per-buy bonus” would scale as the total number of buys increases.

The length of the contract would run 18 months.

The offer also includes a lot of gimmies that EliteXC knew Fedor’s management liked: promises to book his little brother Aleks and other Red Devil fighters. No word yet on if they also offer to bend over and take it up the ass, or if that was just something special M-1 Global had to do.

Speaking of M-1 Global, they’re denying the Sherdog story about Fedor being unsigned is true. This seems to be happening a lot lately with Sherdog, first regarding Misaki and now regarding Fedor. I suppose that’s what they get for trusting Russian and Japanese sources for information that’s supposed to be … oh, I dunno … TRUE.

  • garth says:

    weird how fedor demands concessions for his brother, then in that interview basically says he doesn’t even talk to the guy. seems like an odd contrast there, doesn’t it

  • kentyman says:

    He pro’ly wants him to fight in a ring/cage instead of jail.

  • godzillad says:

    LOL Fedor’s PPV by bonus will be six rolls of quarters.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Fedor is too expensive for ProElite. My prediction is that he will sign with DREAM or , more likely, Golden Boy/Affliction if they really are going to get into the MMA promotion business. The issue with FEG though is whether they will match his old PRIDE salary seeing as how the Japanese mma market is in somewhat of a downswing. If DREAM or Golden Boy/Affliction doesn’t offer him what he wants, I think Fedor will cave in and sign the restrictive UFC contract that he was offered. If the UFC is going to be the only place where he can make seven figures, you can bet that he will sign himself into Zuffa slavery. I don’t think he’ll settle for this rumored ProElite offer.

    Now M-1 Global was a disaster. Monte Cox cites his concern that they can’t afford to pay Fedor $2 million a fight but he should have realized this five months ago when they started the promotion!