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EliteXC fucks up Daley’s headline fight

When I heard EliteXC was looking to stick Paul “Semtex” Daley on one of their cards, I was pretty excited. Paul is an exciting dude who can kick some serious ass, and his girlfriend is hot to boot. Originally they were gonna put Daley up against Mike Aina, who nearly upset Nick Diaz a few months back. But Aina got hurt, and now we’re stuck with Sam fucking Morgan.

The last time anyone saw Sam, he was in Strikeforce as the latest hand picked opponent for Cung Le to pick apart. As a can, he’s a great choice. He’ll make for an entertaining fight and quite possibly an impressively devastating knockout. But I wanted to see if Daley was the real deal, so I’m kinda annoyed. Like I said when I was breaking down the April UFN, good fights answer questions. The only question this fight answers is “Is EliteXC thin on talent?”

Oh, one area EliteXC’s got a bunch of talent in is with their photography, which is done by the very wonderful Esther Lin. Check out her stuff and show sum respec’

  • I don’t think it’s EXC being thin on talent. It’s Ken Pavia pushing his shitty fighters into hig profile spots so he can go around claiming to be the bestest shit everest. And EXC kinda has to kiss his ass cuz he holds contracts with Babalu, Loiseau, etc.

  • Yeah, but EliteXC had the Crow and they let him go. And Babs is busy fighting for smaller companies on short contracts so he can answer the UFC’s call when he’s done with exile.

    However, if it’s Ken throwing around weight, that’s annoying. I used to do club work and half the time when we wanted to book X dj, the agent would try to force us to book some other shitty act of theirs first. Fuck I hated that shit.

  • Esther says:

    Ha! Thanks.
    I too am bummed it’s not gonna be Mike Aina. Who do you think Daley should fight — that isn’t tied to UFC or WEC?

  • The last guy that beat him …. Luiz Azeredo. Maybe they thought about getting him but he just fought Kawajiri on NYE so maybe it’s considered too soon?

  • M.O.B says:

    so fighting Mike Aina is the path to be the real deal in fightlinker world?

  • Daley raped Azeredo in the stand up. Considering Azeredo is a mentalist flying kick machine he looked pretty fucking timid against Paul. He shot in a shitload, which Daley obviously hadn’t prepared for. Paul’s wrestling is a damn site better since then and he would fuck Azeredo up if they rematched

  • Xavier says:

    You’re propping Esther without doing an entry on Tank Abbott’s awesome teddy bear bartender?

    C’mon now, that should be right up your alley.