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EliteXC fucks over Gary Turner

It’s interesting to note that small stories we won’t even think about a week from now can have real lasting long term effect on people’s lives. For example, the WCO event that got cancelled. For us, it was just another footnote in California MMA lore. But I’m sure for many MMA fighters it was a lot of money out of their pockets, a lot of debts which can’t be paid, a lot of rent that’s now outstanding. Months of their lives spent training and sacrificing, for nothing.

From that WCO story comes Ricco Rodriguez, who was strapped enough for cash that he tried to sell his strap on Ebay. Since his WCO fight was cancelled, he was now available to fight. EliteXC jumped at the opportunity to book him and replaced Gary Turner with him to fight against Antonio Silva on their big Feb 16th card. Just another footnote in booking changes, right?

Well not so for Gary Turner, who had to find out about the booking change over the internet. He’s pretty upset about the whole thing since he turned his life upside down preparing for the event. The official excuse from EliteXC was that they were afraid Turner wouldn’t clear medicals, which Turner proves to be complete bullshit. To me that sounds like an attempt to weasel out of their contract.

Hey, this isn’t rainbow land and I don’t expect companies to pass up on opportunities to set up bigger fights. But when you do that, don’t fuck over the guy who’s left on the outside. EliteXC was so into saying they treat the fighters right, but so far I haven’t seen any proof of that whatsoever. If it turns out that Gary Turner doesn’t get paid his contracted wage in full for this bullshit, then you better believe we’ll be writing a few more posts on the subject.

  • Trol says:

    Now that is a shitty way to treat a fighter.

  • ^ lol, talk to Amanda Buckner about that.

  • Captain says:

    Did Gary Turner and Junior Silva actually sign a bout agreement to fight each other or was it just rumored? Rumored fights get scrapped all the time for better match ups. Hopefully ProElite will do the right thing and match Turner up with someone else for the same pay they promised him to fight Silva.

    Though ProElite might be more worried about maintaining the company as a going concern rather than doing right by their fighters after their stock crashed today.

  • Trol says:

    It was officially announced by EliteXC so I am sure the contracts were signed. I bet they have a clause in there about having the right to do this. If its anything lie the contract Zuffa tried to make Fedor sign, EliteXC probably has the right to do whatever they want while Turner gets fucked if he backed out.

  • ilostmydog says:

    Elite XC demonstrably fucking over a fighter? Nah, I’d rather get really internet upset at Dana White and Zuffa for the perceived yet unconfirmed injustices that they supposedly heap on their fighters. The latest rumor I’ve heard is that losing fighters are whipped mercilessly after matches in the UFC!

  • Big D D says:

    message to EliteXC….don’t become the ufc, if you treat fighters right…then fighters will treat you right!…I think there is a golden rule in there somewhere.

  • Swedish guy says:

    I like the threatening tone of the last sentence. Brilliant.