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EliteXC decides to strip Noons rather than give him a raise

The war of words between KJ Noons and EliteXC just escalated with EliteXC’s decision to strip Noons of the lightweight title. If you’ve been living under a rock or are in such a Randy/Brock induced euphoria that you’ve blocked all this shit out, here’s the ultimate boil-down of the situation:

  1. KJ Noons refuses to fight Nick Diaz unless he gets his contract renegotiated.
  2. Rather than renegotiate, EliteXC has decided to imply Noons is a pussy and strip him of the title.

Not that I’m denying Noons is in the wrong here – he signed a contract and now he’s trying to use his belt as leverage to break that contract. But I’d rather use the word ‘greedy’ than ‘cowardly’ because it’s more accurate to the situation. If you can call someone greedy for wanting to be paid more than 1/3 of what the dude they keep making you fight is getting. On the other hand, he did sign a contract! But that was along with a boxing contract which Gary Shaw reneged on. Hmm, maybe this can’t be boiled down to two simple points. No wonder EliteXC is sticking with calling him a pussy.

So that’s two controversies with two EliteXC belts. All we need is Jake Shields getting caught blowing a transvestite hooker and that will be all of EliteXC’s champs looking juuuust greeeat.