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EliteXC continues to try and street it up

It’s funny: after every EliteXC event there’s this general opinion: Good fights, decent production values. Way too much retarded hip hop shit. Everyone hates the skank dancers and they hate the hip hop dj. Yet EliteXC continues to try and stuff that shit down our throat. Now they’ve made the announcement that people who tune into this Saturday’s Street Certified show are going to have to sit through a performance by rapper “Pitbull”.

Pitbull is pretty much the representation of everything that’s wrong with hiphop. He thinks some decent bass makes people forget that the rest of his track sounds like a Casio rumba sample. And hey, I guess it works pretty well because the guy seems to be popular. And hey … if he can make big bucks off shitty music, more power to him. So long as I don’t have to listen to it, I couldn’t give less of a shit.

But now (and I’m blaming this on $kala) we’ve got to sit through what will no doubt be a horrific performance from the guy during an MMA event. From experience seeing this kind of shit in the past I’ll tell you what it will comprise of: The dj playing an instrumental of the track while Pitbull and 20 of his useless friends scream “Holla holla! Make some noise! Brap brap!” I can’t freaking wait.

  • #1 jackal says:

    I hate everyone in that video. All 10 seconds I watched of it

  • cingred says:

    That is precisely why UFC > Elite XC. The only other promotion I see as anything close to it is Strikeforce. Think of Elite XC without the lame ghetto vibe.

  • It’ll be interesting to say the least.

  • Accomando says:

    I guarantee you 100% that guido wannabe $kala has complete and total control over the “entertainment” production, there is no other explanation for it!! Elite XC’s love to lower it’s standards could only be dreamed up by total moron like $kala. IF gary shaw is cool with having a son look and act like his doucebag offspring does, then we should expect nothing less.

  • FRANKIE says:

    Do you not have a mute button or something?

  • dan says:

    well watched a few seconds of that and he is a cock!

    glad he aint made it over here to the UK. or if he has i aint ever heard of the piece of shit

  • CagePotato says:

    You think Pitbull is bad? The IFL just booked these guys for their season opener…

  • Lifer says:

    everyone hates the skank dancers??? you need to check yoself motherfucker! bring on the skanks. i love those bitches. their obvious sluttiness makes me at least imagine that if i had a few spare 20’s i could get SOMETHING not like these stuckup UFC bitches.

  • nem0 says:

    …because hosting a mixed martial arts tournament isn’t cool enough, so they have to dress it up with shitty hip hop and skanks? Bad enough that they’ve still got ring girls at these things.

  • killNU says:

    hey lifer you seem to be the only 1 who likes em and if u want to stuff 20’s down G strings go to a strip club
    you will see better talent there too. as far as i am concerned its retarded you tune in for an MMA show not c rate hip hop (if that) and chicks that can’t get a job at the local peeler bar . also whats with the stuck up ring girl comment have you ever talked to 1 or are
    you just mad at every chick cause your game sucks?

  • Lifer says:

    omg like u r so rite lol plz dont killnME

  • killNU says:

    haha ganster to vally girl you are messed

  • adc says:

    I agree, dump the skanks, DJ’s, hiphop and flashy entrances. They have that ridiculous waterfall thing right? And if I remember correctly they have smoke and lasers too. I also recall an extremely lame dragon. Dump all that shit, just plain fighter entrance + music is fine. Technoviking preferably. IMO ring girls could be ditched too, it has nothing to do with the sport. If I want to watch tits, I go to a tittybar. If I wan’t to watch sweatty shirtless guys rub themselves against each other, then I watch MMA.