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EliteXC ain’t all bad

Provided that the sky doesn’t fall and EliteXC still exists in a month, they’re actually gonna be giving us a pretty sweet event. I know, here all us evil bloggers are freaking out about EliteXC setting up fights the bad way but not giving them credit when they set up fights the RIGHT way. AKA not complete mismatches, and no payment to keep things off the ground. Well, one can hope. Let’s look at what EliteXC has in store for us November 8th:

Robbie Lawler vs Joey Villasenor: Okay, this one is a bit of a mismatch. If guys like Joey are the best EliteXC can manage, Jake Shields may not be the only champion getting bored. This should be a pretty entertaining ass whupping though. I like those!

Eddie Alvarez vs Nick Diaz:
Now this is what I’m talking about, Willis: a great fight between two top contenders. True, Nick Diaz hasn’t exactly lived up to his promise since catching Gomi in a gogo. But it’s always been said that Nick fights up or down to the level of his opponents. If that’s the case, this is gonna be one hell of a fight.

Scott Smith vs Hector Lombard:
I’m still a bit sketpical that this fight will happen … after all, Lombard is an evil communist and even the UFC couldn’t manage to get him the papers he needed to fight in the States. If it does happen, it should be a good scrap. Lombard is another one of those olympic judo guys, and there’s nothing more entertaining than watching them toss people around the ring like rag dolls. Since Karo went crazy, I’ve been left with a bit of judo withdrawl.

Kaitlin Young vs Sarah Kaufman: A nice women’s scrap here. We were bitching about fighters like Kaufman having nowhere to fight, so it’s cool that she’s now been enlisted as a potential victim for Gina Carano down the line. Kaitlin Young is back and you know she’s got some scrap in her. If the rest of the card didn’t look so awesome I’d say this was a shoe in for fight of the night.

And last but not least, Rafael Feijao will be fighting some undetermined poor bastard for the EliteXC light heavyweight strap. Or maybe not for the strap, since EliteXC’s ad only specifies 2 belts on the line. Feijao is like a 205 pound Anderson Silva, which is somewhat appropriate since they train together. Dude fucks people up. If EliteXC really wants to ‘repay’ Seth Petruzelli for beating Kimbo and sketching the fuck out of everything, then booking him against Feijao would be a perfect way to do it.