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El Tributo a el Pride Champiano

Okay, so my Mexican is non-existent, get off my back. I wouldn’t even have to reveal such terrible shortcomings if the world of MMA wasn’t getting weirder and weirder every day. That’s I guess a bonus of more people getting into this sport … as the fans get more diverse, the kind of shit fans do to pay tribute will get further out there. And the further out there it gets, the more entertaining my blog becomes.

For example, check out this dude’s rousing acoustic rendition of the Pride victory song. Now here’s a song to bang a chick to if I’ve ever heard one. It’ll be nigh impossible to feel like a loser with this going on in the background. And the best part is she’ll think you’re just being romantic, when in truth you’re just THE BIGGEST LAME FANBOY ON EARTH.