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Edgar to 135? Maybe…

(From the first fight. No hat throwing disagreement on that one)

Frankie Edgar at featherweight? Whatevs. Here’s Edgar’s boxing coach Mark Henry talking about BANTAMWEIGHT:

“Me personally,” Henry continued, “I’d like to see Frankie for like a year to take a rest on his back and his body to fight people at 135 to do what everybody in the whole MMA community is [doing] and suck him down to nothing, looking like their death the day of the weigh-in and fight people that weigh as much as him.”

“What he’s doing now I don’t think he gets enough credit for,” Henry insisted. “You’re talking about guys that weigh 155-160 – what he walks around at – even when he isn’t training. Who’s doing that? That would be like Ben [Henderson] fighting Anderson Silva. That’d be like Jose Aldo calls out Frankie and he walks around at 170, too. That’d be like him fighting George St. Pierre.”

“He walks around and he’s 157,” Henry continued. “He comes back from Disneyland after his last fight or two fights ago and he’s 157, 158 or 159. I don’t think Frankie gets enough credit for what he’s accomplishing and doing in MMA.”

Keep in mind that’s Frankie’s lightweight walking around weight – as in the biggest he gets when competing against the cut-monsters in the UFC’s 155 pound division. For comparison, here’s some other lightweights and their walking around weight:

  • Gleison Tibau: 185
  • Gray Maynard: 182
  • Donald Cerrone: 180
  • Sean Sherk: 178
  • Ben Henderson: 175

Now lets check out the walking around weight for some bantamweights:

  • John Bedford: 154
  • Urijah Faber: 152
  • Dominick Cruz: 150

So if Frankie is currently walking around at 157 while competing with lightweights (crazy, man), there’s absolutely no reason why he couldn’t make it down to bantamweight with just a smidge of effort.