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Eddie Alvarez will not go down quietly in Bellator dispute


After a few weeks of hot and heavy action, the Eddie Alvarez / Bellator situation quieted down and seemed like it might even get settled out of court, if you believed what Bjorn Rebney was saying. But if they were close to some sort of terms before, it doesn’t sound like it now. Eddie Alvarez took to twitter to reveal he was selling an investment property so he could afford to sit out as long as possible to have his day in court. Now he’s starting to dish some serious dirt on Bellator’s alleged habit of screwing certain fighters over:

I am fortunate compared to guys like Cosmo Alexandre. This guy trains day and night to feed his family and Viacom/Spike continue to hurt him. Alexandre’s story of getting shafter might be worse than mine. Not to mention how Zach Makovsky was bullied to take a smaller pay day than contextually (sic) agreed or just sit after being champ.

I might just dump just real shit tonight until I get a call from someone to stop. So much to talk about now that the gloves are off.

I have nothing to complain about I get paid well enough to keep bills paid, but to bully guys like Zach and Cosmo is a sin.

Bjorn’s a grunt in this. It’s Viacom and Spike and a group of idiots a money who don’t know shit about MMA. I’d be more careful in what I said but I was told as long as I’m truthful then I can say whatever I want.

He will test that by appearing on Monday’s MMA Hour to talk more shit about Bellator. I guess he’s decided if they’re going to dick him around like this, he’ll make them pay in the court of public opinion as much as possible. So settle in folks … this should be entertaining.

(pic by Scott Peterson for MMA Weekly)

  • frickshun says:

    All this effort & I don’t really think he’ll make a big dent in the UFC.