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Ed Soares speaks to my sensibilities

I don’t like it when he pretends he’s Joe Silva, but I’m having a great deal of trouble disagreeing with any of this:

“It’s real easy to talk about people when you’re sitting behind a computer with a bag over your face because nobody knows who you are,” Soares told ( [brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department] on Tuesday as he fought a case of jet lag…

“What are you talking about?” Soares asked. “Six months ago, Nogueira’s back, and now he’s done again?”…

“It’s really easy to talk about these people when you’re not the one putting your ass on the line and stepping into the octagon. Anybody that steps into the octagon, that can happen to.”…

“These fans love the sport so much,” Soares said. “Well, they should really analyze the things that they say, because at the end of the day, these guys are human, too. I read some of the stuff that people put on the Underground and forums, and people need to realize—whether it’s Nogueira, whether it’s one of our fighters or not one of our fighters—that these people are human too and they have feelings and it’s not cool.

“It’s easy for you to sit being your computer with a fake name and write stuff about people and say that ‘he’s done.’ These people, for as much as they love the sport, they should be a little more compassionate about the people that go in there and put their ass on their line.”

Give Junkie a page hit, check out the rest and tell me which part of it is wrong. Sure, it’s a manager defending his fighter – and he explicates why he thinks that happened in the rest of the interview, along with his plans for Nog -but I think it speaks to the pretty undeniable truth that MMA fans disrespect the athletes that they watch more than most, if not all, other fan bases.