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Ed Herman leaves Team Quest

One of my favorite endings to a fight

It’s been a slow news day since Oxygengate was shot down so… Ed Herman has left Team Quest. You Remember Ed? He was on The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 but lost to Kendell Groves in the finale. You know… the ginger. Well any ways he and Ryan Schultz, the guy who raped Chris Horodecki in the video above, have taken off to Subos home state of Colorado to start a gym of their own. Ed has been sidelined with a fucked up knee for about a year now after he lost to Aaron Simpson. To make a long story short he is leaving because Matt Lindland was being a dick and Chael Sonnen doesn’t play well with others. Ed had to say this about his reasons for leaving which sounds all to familiar.

“Things are kind of falling apart out in Oregon at (Team) Quest a little bit, and Matt Lindland’s not the best person to be around all the time, so we needed to make our move.”

“…I didn’t like the way fighters were getting taken care of. I didn’t like the way students were getting taken care of. There were a lot of promises to me that were never fulfilled.”

“Chael did all that pretty much without any training partners.  Team Quest didn’t bring in one person to help.”

I say it sounds all to familiar because this is basically the same reason Nate Quarry left Team Quest. He felt they were not training the right way and that he was not being taken care of. Of course Matt Lindland had something to say about all this.

“I think when guys get injured and they sit on their couch a lot, they get time to sit and think about who’s not taking care of them.”

Team Quest used to be one of the best camps in MMA back when they had more than just Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Matt Lindland , Thierry Sokoudjou and Mayhem Miller. Don’t get me wrong thats still a great line up but if all you do is wrestle and never bring in other trainers you are going to slip behind, ie Miletich.

(Update) I was just reading an interview by Cagepotato with Gabe Rudiger who used to train with Dan Henderson at his Team Quest in Temecula. He left them for basically the same reasons as Ed and Nate.

When you say it wasn’t a good fit, do you mean in terms of technical stuff or personality fits?
“A little of both. It was a wrestling camp and they were not known for being technical. They were brawlers. Beginning to do crossfit as well helped. I just now have had some great coaches. I had no real strength and conditioning concept before. What they did was one body part for thirty reps. That might work for some people but it didn’t work for me.”