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Ed Herman Interview: “Things couldn’t be better right now”

Hot off of jiu jitsuing the fuck out of Kyle Noke’s leg at UFC Live: Hardy vs Lytle, we sat down with our pal Ed Herman to ask him how he felt about his win.

“I feel really good about it. I feel like I still made a few mistakes, but I was able to win the fight so I’m happy about that.” he said. “The mistakes I made was I took him down and he was able to get back up pretty easily. That was a big mistake there.  I feel like if I take somebody down, I should be able to hold them down there and do some punishment, at least a little bit before they get back up, and the second mistake was he took me down. I don’t like to be taken down…but it was cool because I got to show off my ground game a little bit off of my back.”

Not only did Ed win, he won quick – 4:15 of the first round off a chain of aggressive submission attempts that ended with a heel hook. If only Versus wasn’t so aggro about filling the broadcast with commercials … the fight should have made it onto television. It also should have won Ed a Sub of the Night award, if Mr Retirement Chris Lytle hadn’t nicked it out from under him in the main event. That doesn’t make Herman any less happy about how things turned out.

“It made me feel good. I talked to Dana (White) before the show was over and he expressed that he was real impressed with me too, so it feels good, man. It feels good to have the boss happy. Coming back with a couple of big wins; things couldn’t be better right now.”

The rest of the interview after the jump.
After a year and a half on the sidelines with a blown out knee, Ed is ready to jump right back into the thick of things. “I’m excited to be back and fighting, there competing and proving to people that I can still make another run at this.”

“There’s a lot of guys that I want to fight. Everybody I’ve lost to, I want to fight again. There’s a couple of those guys there towards the top-10: Alan Belcher and Demian Maia, Jason MacDonald — whoever the UFC and my management feel is the best fight for me right now, so I can keep climbing the ranks, getting up there and proving that I belong in the top 10.”

If Ed keeps fighting the way he did against Kyle Noke, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets there.

  • G Funk says:

    Reading the headline made it seem very different from what Herman actually says. Good media editing job making something out of nothing Hyan. This is how wars are started, relationships soured and babies get smacked.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Its hard to imagine him beating anyone in the top 25, but I’m always down to watch a wrestler who uses subs.  Even if he’s a ginger.

  • agentsmith says:

    He should probably aim higher than Jason MacDonald. Belcher would be good though.

  • glassjawsh says:

    another Ed Herman interview?? are you guys bffs now? do you get together on the weekends and touch penises?

  • CAP says:

    We’ll see if Ryan starts getting freckles.