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Earning title shots off virgins is gay

So Fabricio Werdum is claiming that his contract promises him a title shot if he wins his next fight. In a UFC heavyweight division where two wins in a row is impressive and three is a killer streak, I’ll say he’s probably the most deserving of the bunch right now. But I’ll also say that it’s bullshit for any fighter to get a title shot off of whupping a UFC virgin. Actually, how about we just go ahead and make a goddamn LAW against shit like that. Shouldn’t a title shot be decided with a clash between contenders? Or does that make too much sense.

Fabricio Werdum is facing Junior Dos Santos at UFC 90 in a fight so insignificant that barely anyone even bothered to mention it’s booking. Those who did notice it also asked “WTF?” Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with this either. Well, I suppose I can guess: the UFC doesn’t want to feed prospects like Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez to Werdum since they’re being built up right now, and past that there’s no one really left for Werdum to fight. But no one to to point of some random newb getting the call?

If the UFC is really going to grant Werdum a shot after one more win, the least they could do was put him up against someone good so that he can roll into a title fight with a bit more heat. God knows his title shot is gonna be icey cold by the time the Mir/Nog/Brock/Randy love square gets resolved. If Randy emerges victorious, do you really think he’s gonna be chuffed to face Werdum? Do you think this is a fight that’s gonna draw lots of PPV buys? Maybe the UFC is going to do something drastic to fix this or at least space it out a bit better -right now the fight isn’t listed on their site, so it’s possible. Let’s hope because as it stands, the whole setup just seems really dumb to me.