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Early stoppage kinda sucks up Manhoef / Misaki fight

Here’s the thing about the Sokoudjou and Takaya stoppages – the refs jumped in the second the guys went down. With Sok it seemed iffy, with Takaya it turned out to be good. But both times it felt like the refs weren’t really bothering to confirm the fight was over before jumping in to end things. Someone went down and that was good enough for them. That’s what happened with the Misaki vs Manhoef fight.

Manhoef bulled forward swinging and caught Misaki, dropping him. But Misaki wasn’t out. That didn’t stop the ref from stepping in and stopping the fight though. It’s debatable as to what would have happened if the fight was allowed to continue … I bet Manhoef probably would have followed up with several more vicious blows to his downed opponent, but fuck man. Let the fighters finish the fights.