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EA unveils stupid ‘Live Event’ mode

Electronic Arts has been busy at E3 this week showing off their MMA game and above you can see a nice chunk of gameplay footage showing how things work. My personal favorite small touch: how your opponent’s body parts go transparent during submissions so you can see the bones you’re trying to break. More info on how the sub system works is here in this report from Gamespot:

Our fight, and our time with the game, ended not with the lengthy choke hold that we found ourselves on the receiving end of (escaped in a minigame of sorts that required us to slowly rotate the analog stick searching for a moving sweet spot that caused the controller to vibrate), but when we got caught with an arm bar. Defending against non-choke submissions involves frantically mashing the O button but, as we found out on the E3 showfloor, it does you no good at all if your stamina is completely depleted.

EA Sports president Peter Moore also gave a presentation where he acts like Fedor vs Couture in EA Sports is a massive selling point of the game rather than a brutal tease. He also says EA is CHANGING THE WORLD OF GAMING FOREVER with their new ‘Live Event’ gaming mode, where players will be selected by EA to fight eachother on specific dates at specific times while other people (I don’t really know who, mind you) will for some reason watch. Maybe I’m not selling it right because I don’t have a douchey ‘Its in the game’ voice and I’m not comparing it to the invention of the wheel like they are. You can see the video hyping it after the jump.