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EA sponsorship at TUF 9 finale

Interesting bit of sponsorship stuff to chew on:

One sponsor of the show of note last night was EA Sports, who were pushing their Fight Night boxing franchise both in commercials and with an ad on the mat. EA has announced the launching of their own MMA game in 2010 and their arrival in the market was the impetus for the UFC demanding lifetime video game rights for those appearing in UFC Undisputed 2009. The attitude towards EA may change with the arrival of EA MMA, but in the meantime their money is still green and the UFC seems to view the MMA/Boxing crossover minimal, since they greenlighted the ad.

I doubt the attitude will change once EA MMA comes out – the game has already been announced and if Dana and the gang were gonna blackball EA they would have done it already. More likely is the idea that the UFC is staying chummy with the developer in case THQ croaks or starts to take the liscence for granted. EA has already stated that they want the UFC license and I don’t see there being much of a problem with them making a UFC and MMA game every year a la NFL and College football games.

Speaking of THQ taking the liscence for granted, I’m starting to get impatient for a patch that fixes the numerous issues with online play, mainly the thing where people can drop games after losing and not have it count on their record / hang shit forever. How  many months does it usually take for most game companies to poop out an update? I figure I need a meter stick to measure against before I get all unreasonably pissed off.