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EA MMA to feature best of the rest?

When EA announced it’s long-rumored MMA game, we wondered if you’d have to fight Glass Joe and King Hippo before getting to Randy Couture or if they’d try to stack the game full of random free agents from a bunch of different organizations. Not much else is known about the game (other than the obvious title: EA SPORTS MMA 2010, bravo EA on thinking outside the box), but there’s now confirmation that ‘dozens’ of non-UFC fighters will be in the game.

I’m quite looking forward to seeing who EA signs up. While I’m sure there’s going to be some smart people on the ‘choosing committee’ pushing for guys like Fedor and hey maybe even Mousasi (I can dream, right?), I bet there’ll also be some stodgy bean counters pushing for Seth Petruzelli and Kim Couture  – although to be honest her inclusion would be forgivable because it would mean the game featured women’s MMA. Another dream? I dunno … I have a sneaking suspicion that EA has some sort of working relationship with Gina.

Oh, and you know they’re going to go after all the former UFC fighters from before Zuffa started forcing everyone to sign away their video game rights forever. Kinda gives you some perspective on why Dana was so bullish about getting everyone to sign on the dotted line, doesn’t it?

Looking at how EA stacked it’s Fight Night boxing games, you can pretty much guarantee that this game will feature a bunch of classic MMA fighters. I’m just hoping they recognize the opportunity to make a really cool game by including Japanese fighters. Seems like a no-brainer to me … I hear people in Japan like video games a bit. And MMA! Add in a Hong Man Choi, the Mario brothers, or a naked devil chick and you got yourself a hit!