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EA MMA is out!

Big news in the world of virtual MMA – first off, EA has finally released EA MMA, which lets you experience what it’s like being a Strikeforce fighter: you’ll play it once every 8 months and wish you were playing the UFC game instead. We’ll have a full review of the game here at Fightlinker once we give it a thorough poking, but thus far it seems like a surpisingly souless game.

And just to remind everyone that they have the UFC license and not EA, THQ announced today that it’s gonna stay that way until 2018:

Hot on the heels of its announcement of a new Montreal studio, THQ this morning revealed it has locked down rights to develop and publish games based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand through 2018. The agreement with UFC’s parent company, Zuffa LLC, is wide in scope, covering games for all current and next-generation consoles as well as all handhelds, the PC, the iPhone, and iPad. The deal also covers any online games.

THQ will be the sole publisher of all UFC games through 2018.

“THQ has delivered the quality demanded by UFC and its fans with the first two Undisputed games and we are about to broaden the UFC brand experience among gaming fans through social and mobile apps,” said Dana White, UFC President. What exactly the social applications would be were not revealed.

So if THQ sticks to it’s current schedule, that’s 4 more Undisputed games and an undisclosed number of cheesy ports, fitness games, and Aqua God only knows what kinda junk for phones and facebook. Still nowhere in sight: an arcade version of the sport where Machida shoots fireballs, Brock can do a spinning pile driver, and Cheick Kongo’s atomic cock blaster move can be unlocked.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    This game seems way better than Undisputed. Although i havent played the second UFC game, it still seems better.

  • glassjawsh says:

    5 dollars on subo shitting on this game (because it doesn’t have any UFC fighters)

  • mmariusp says:

    I´m sure I heard a rumor that EA is looking to buy THQ?
    We all remember the bullshit war White had against EA sports, you know becouse it meant competition, but if EA owns the company that owns the rights to the UFC game, what will happen?

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    I saw the same thing mmariusp, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • mamoru says:

    Just got it, 24-0 so far, 7 title defenses in mystic, just defended against some can with a 5-7 record, won a minute into the fight by stomping all over his face.

    At least they’re trying their best to bring that authentic PRIDE feeling back.

    Also, the commentary is awful.
    I’ve got 17 wins by triangle, and Mauro is shocked every single time.

    Now I’m just waiting for fucking fatty Coker so we can make this champ vs champ fight happen, I want to be done with this career already.

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    I started it yesterday. Personally I much prefer it to UFC Undisputed 2010. Better gameplay, better career mode.

    Career mode is 40 fights and you’re not going to get that unification fight until your last fight. So 16 more fights for you. It’s pretty lengthy but UFC Undisputed 2010’s career was worse length-wise. Way too long. I hate fighting the same old fucking guys over and over again. Btw even after you unify the belts, you’re not gonna get that Strikeforce Champion achievement! (I just beat the game with both belts). You’re gonna have to play through the game a second time in order to get the Strikeforce belt cheeve (fuck you EA).

    I chose to fight in Brazil and then later in Mystic (PRIDE/DREAM) so that I could use soccer kicks, stomps and knees to the head. I had some devastating KO/TKOs via stomps and knees to the head. Sadly you can’t soccer kick repeatedly in this game. You’re only allowing to throw one kick to a downed opponent and then your fighter automatically pounces on the dude.

    I’m gonna start up a second playthrough so that I can get the championship belts from the remaining orgs (game won’t let you fight in all the orgs in one playthrough). Not going to be as fun second time around without the stomps, soccer kicks and knees to the head. After getting the last of the career mode achievements I’m going to try the online. I believe you can download the CAFs other people made for this game with that Fighter Share thing. That sounds cool. Hopefully someone out there created a good Wanderlei Silva or Shogun CAF. They’re not as fun with Unified Rules.

  • mamoru says:

    Uploaded a HL of me just raping some can’s face with my heel, but it’s not showing up on the site.

    Also, I got KO’d by some random fucking scrub with like 36 striking when I was 35-0. Real nice. Ended up going 39-1, at least I got the fucking achievement.

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    What determines your submission defense ability in this game? Is it enough to pour points into Grapple Defense? Because currently I’m building a Boxer CAF with only 33 in each sub because I figure I don’t need subs if I can ground n pound and max my grapple defense stat to improve my submission defense. I’m going through career a second time right now to get the Strikeforce belt cheeve but I don’t think I’m gonna bother going through it all. Gonna stop after I get the belt then go online. The CAF creator in Fighter Share is pretty damn good as it is. The career mode CAF can acquire two more special moves and perhaps he has better stat growth potential if trained right…