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Dutch kickboxer caught with mountain of coke

(Ashwin Balrak tenderizing super-heavyweight kickboxer Bjorn Bregy)

Following up on the mayor of Amsterdam’s claim that kickboxing in Europe is overflowing with criminal elements, regional kickboxing regular Ashwin Balrak has just been caught cutting and pressing nearly 200 pounds worth of drugs:

The police yesterday raided an apartment on the 29th floor of a tower Rotterdam 82 kilos of cocaine were seized. This police operation five men were arrested.

One of the detainees is a lawyer. It is well known criminal lawyer Ashwin Balrak from Rotterdam, which also operates as a free fighter. During the police raid was just five busy cutting 82 kilos of cocaine with a white powder. This was done with an ordinary kitchen blender in the kitchen. In the flat were also several kitchen blenders found it, like a cocaine press with logo plates and a large number of mobile phones.

Ashwin Balrak has a law office in Utrecht. He is a criminal lawyer governed by criminals in court, most recently by a Syrian fighter justice was suspected of robbery.

The National Crime Squad was inside the apartment house within one month long investigation into drug trafficking. The cocaine had a street value of three million euros. The house in Purmerend was found 25 kilos of banknotes. After counting appeared to be at 1.4 million euros.

How about rather than barring kickboxing we just bar lawyers instead? That’d probably be a pretty big drop in ‘crime’, not to mention cocaine use. But I guess it’s kind of hard to ignore the kickboxing elements of this story when Balrak was scheduled to fight for major Dutch kickboxing promoter It’s Showtime next week before an injury took him off the card.