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Dustin Hazelett is a submission machine

If you aren’t watching the show, let me tell ya something: Dustin Hazelett is sporting the most rediculous beard in the universe. Watching him come into the ring looking like a rapist, I mused “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it’s this guy who dethrones GSP.” Well damn … after seeing him dispatch Tamden McCrory, I’m not gonna say Hazelett is ready. But I will say he has the fucking potential.

The fight started off with McCrory doing a good job of striking, winning several exchanges and knocking Hazelett back against the cage early on. After a bit of feeling out, Hazelett pulled McCrory down on top of him and immediately pulled his leg over Tamdan’s head for an omoplata. Tamdan escaped but ended up getting omo’d again, and this time he couldn’t figure out how to escape. Hazelett grabbed McCrory’s wrist and pulled his arm straight, turning the omo into a nifty armbar. Putting all his strength into it, he pushed McCrory’s arm back to a sick degree, and McCrory was forced to tap. Slick slick slick submission, and he just pulled it out like it was nothing.

Hazelett is still kinda rough on his feet but he’s already proved that he’s a wizard on the ground. Some dudes have it and some don’t. Hazelett definitely has it.