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Dumbass ref was the real star in Maynard / Clementi fight

You know what, I’m kinda glad that this fight included THE DUMBEST REFEREE IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE because it turned what was otherwise a boring ass fight into a blood pumping pressure spiking event for me. Here’s the fucking deal: by the middle of the second round the ref was yelling at the fighters for action like a drunken know-nothing moron.

He called for more action while Gray and Clementi were actively passing guard, working on submissions, and punching eachother. By the end of the fight, it wouldn’t be 2 seconds after Gray Maynard took down Rich Clementi that the ref was telling the two to work. He literally called for action once in the middle of a Maynard takedown. It was insane.

The one saving grace for this idiot was that he didn’t actually step in and stand up the fight. Yes, the fight was boring … but no, it wasn’t because they were on the ground. These two were just as tame on their feet, which is where they stayed for the majority of the first round. In the second Gray’s wrestling took over and he Sherk’d the shit out of Clementi, taking him down and keeping pressure on him for the entire fight. It wasn’t very interesting to watch, but it worked. If it’s any consolation, he looked mortified at having given up such a boring performance.