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Dumbass ref screws up Saku / Gracie fight

(this vid has the intro video for the Saku / Gracie fight and the last 4 minutes of the fight including the bullshit I talk about in this post. Just letting you know it’s not the full fight.)

Holy shit did the referee ever completely ruin the end of the Sakuraba / Ralek Gracie fight. With a minute left in the third, Saku is desperately pulling a magic kimura out of his ass and the ref steps in and FUCKS EVERYTHING UP so he can fix Ralek Gracie’s pants. I didn’t time that shit but it took forever to accomplish whatever the ref found so fucking important that he had to interrupt the end of this major fucking match.

Anyways, he re-starts them but a kimura isn’t exactly the kind of submission that can be re-started halfway through. The leverage, the muscle exhaustion that had allowed Saku to get the kimura that far, the sheer momentum of slowly but surely pulling a sub off … all gone. Once they restarted, Ralek flipped Sakuraba off him and Saku’s chance to pull the win out of the fire was lost.

The whole situation was just so frustrating. I’m not mourning the loss of a potential sub so much as I’m pissed at the fact that this ref totally cocked up the end of a really great fight. Stupid moron.