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Duffman has no idea why he was fired

Poor Todd Duffee. It’s been a few days since we learned he was released from the UFC and he claims he’s just as clueless as we are on why the UFC decided to cut him.

“If I could hear why they cut me, I could answer that,” Duffee said. “They may have a reason. It’s a business. Fighting’s not fair. Life’s not fair. To come out and say they did anything wrong, I don’t know. We’re just all sitting around waiting to hear.”

Duffee first learned of his impending release a week before it became official. He said he attempted to reach out to people inside the UFC, but was essentially ignored. (A source close to the UFC disputed that Duffee reached out.) Duffee’s manager, Alex Davis, said he “tried hard to avoid it,” but in the end could not. And the UFC has not yet publicly addressed its decision.

It would be misplaced to label Duffee’s release as permanent. Considering that UFC executives have publicly expressed a fervent unwillingness to promote certain fighters in the past yet did so anyway, Duffee, so long as he wins, should find a path back to the Octagon, which is what he’s hoping for.

His most important battle at the moment has everything to do with a bum knee that, according to Duffee, could need surgery. The seriousness of a potential procedure, a total reconstruction or a simple scope, varies depending on who’s talking. When an MRI of the fighter’s knee was examined by a UFC doctor, the less invasive procedure was recommended. Duffee believes it’s worse than that.

So he’s got back problems and knee problems and movie aspirations and meanwhile he’s being vocal about being a broke ass which has everyone wondering why the UFC isn’t taking care of it’s prospects. In the end, can you really blame the UFC for saying “Jeez dude, just give us a call when you’re actually ready to fight, okay?”