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Duffee vs. returning Buentello at UFC 107

Young fighters are a lot of things, including excited, aggressive and enthusiastic. But there’s one thing they aren’t: patient.

23 year old Heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee knows that all too well. During his debut last August, he officially earned the record for fastest knockout in UFC history. This is a man who wants it all – now. He didn’t even wait as long as the fight lasted to let Dana White know what career path he has in mind.

“That was an appetizer, I want to eat now Dana, let me eat!” yelled the 5-0 powerhouse immediately after stepping away from his downed opponent. It looks like White and Co. are going to give the man what he wants.

Duffee will look to add another scalp to his résumé when he takes on the newly re-signed Paul Buentello on December 12th. “The Headhunter” will once again enter the octagon after going 5-1 during stints in Affliction and Strikeforce.

Opposition like Buentello – a man proud of the fact that he’s never tried taking anyone down – is exactly the kind Duffee wants the opportunity to face:

“I was looking for tougher opponents. I just don’t want to go into a fight where everybody knows, Oh, Todd’s supposed to win this fight. That’s not a fight then. This is about entertainment, it’s about putting on good shows, and that’s what I want.”

Buentello paralleled those thoughts in a recent interview with Sherdog:

“I am looking forward to being back in the UFC and can’t wait to put on some entertaining fights for the fans…I don’t care who I fight. I just want to go out and show the fans I belong in the UFC.”

Both men have a combined 23 TKO victories in their careers. With the sentiments expressed so far, it’s safe to assume that number will be bumped up by one after they meet.