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Dudes to watch for on tonight’s Strikeforce Challengers card

Strikeforce Challengers 13 is happening tonight in Nashville, and we’ve got some boots on the ground there to cover it. For the rest of you, Showtime is doing another free preview weekend running from today until Monday so you can check it out too. Hey, we all know they’re giant sluts after the gangbanging M-1 gave them, so why shouldn’t they give us a little taste of something too?

A funny thing has been happening with these Challengers cards – because Strikeforce doesn’t have enough room on their main shows for half their big names, they now have a queue of pretty solid talent toiling away on these cards. Tonight’s show has the following people you should start giving a crap about:

Julia Budd: This Canadian is probably next in line for a beating from Cris Cyborg, and is one of the first real 145 pounders the champ will have to take on – she cuts down from 158 freaking pounds! In addition to a solid kickboxing record including a win over Gina Carano, she also has abs the size of softballs.

Ovince St. Preux: His last two wins have been decisions, but only because the refs in the fights decided they’d rather see Ovince punch his opponents 200 unanswered times in the face rather than stop the fight. He made Benji Radach look silly, and you know how I loves my Benji. He looks like he might become a serious player in Strikeforce’s 205 division, which would be a good thing if Mauro Ranallo and the gang weren’t obsessed with screaming OSP OSP OSP every time he fights.

Daniel Cormier: He came in fourth in the 2004 Olympics and was the wrestling team captain for 2008 before a pesky case of KIDNEY FAILURE kept him from competing. Lest you think he’s one of those boring wrestler dudes, he’s had six finishes in six fights.

Tyron Woodley: I don’t know why I’m a hater of Woodley – probably because he comes from the earlier age of Challenger shows where they tried to oversell everyone. A fight with Tarec Saffiedine should be a good challenge to see if he deserves the hype or not.

Strikeforce Challengers 13 is on tonight (Friday) at 11pm EST and we will have a chat up for it! The full card is after the jump.

Via MMA Junkie:


  • Tarec Saffiedine vs. Tyron Woodley
  • Devin Cole vs. Daniel Cormier
  • Ron “Abongo” Humphrey vs. Ovince St. Preux
  • Julia Budd vs. Amanda Nunes
  • Rhadi Ferguson vs. John Richard


  • Casey Huffman vs. John Salter
  • Matt Horning vs. Dustin Ortiz
  • Daniel Schmitt vs. Dustin West
  • Stoney Hale vs. Gerric Hayes
  • Chris Coggins vs. Chris Wright
  • Thomas Campbell vs. Jeremy Wallace
  • Chris Barnhizer vs. Karl Willis
  • Josh Jarvis vs. Luke Sanders
  • Charles McTorry vs. Krishaun Gilmore
  • Jason Blackford vs. Jeremy Boczulak
  • Steven Durr vs. Dave Hurst*
  • Josh Phelps vs. Randy Shores*
  • Dusty Gibbs vs. Cory Robinson*
  • frickshun says:

    Free preview :) CHAT ANYONE??

  • agentsmith says:

    Her abs are literally almost as big as her boobs.

  • pewnt says:

    I can’t wait to see what Daniel Cormier can do. A couple more fight’s and he’s due for a step up in competition again.

  • fightlinker says:

    yeah, we’ll have a chat up. Been too long since i’ve gotten to watch an event live with the jackals!

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    how where they trying to oversell Woodley by hiding him on the challenger shows?

    they didn’t put him in there against washed up ufc rejects like joe riggs, they always had him fight fellow up and comers bringing him up slowly.

    If anything Woodley, DC and OSP are the 3 fighters that have actually fought there way to deserving to be on a main card as native strikeforce stars. Even if DC and OSP had to go elsewhere for a couple of fights.

    This will be my first time watching Budd before she is fast tracked to a title shot.

  • SST says:

    Another beauty and the beast match up if Budd wins.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Cat fight tonite!!!

  • Jim says:

    Biggest clit, Budd or Cyborg? If they were lesbians, I bet they could both fuck each other with their clits simultaneously. I’m going to go look up clit fucking on youporn. G’night.

  • GoldenArms says:

    ughhhhhh, are we positive that’s a girl? need I remind you that a man competed against the women in the olympics?

  • frickshun says:

    GoldenArms–>that turned into a seriously sticky situation. I don’t even know if the track & field governing body was okay w/letting her race….

  • fightlinker says:

    Headlining two challengers cards plus making it onto one of the big shows plus getting some sweet lovemaking from the commentators every time he’s on the screen = overselling

  • Remco Pardoel says:

    Good call there, ‘Linker. Budd looked like a world beater.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Budd’s kicks are sick but her head movement, hands and defense are weak sauce.

    Maybe she needs some western knuckle boxin’ mixed in with her Thai boxing.

  • fightlinker says:

    Lulz, yeah that was a bad 10 second stretch for her. She’s still a noob, and WMMA needs real 145ers