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Dude dies after Semmy Schilt knees him (from completely unrelated causes)

I mentioned yesterday that K-1’s big World Grand Prix finals are coming up fast and everyone is in the middle of vigourous training camps. We actually spent a little time with Jerome Le Banner as he was training here in Montreal for our TV show pilot, and it sounds like Semmy Schilt was having a good hard camp as well … until one of his training partners died:

Vitali Mitu, of Soldanesti, Moldova, collapsed and could not be revived following a sparring session last Thursday with three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion Semmy Schilt at Golden Glory’s gym in Bucharest, Romania, according to Romanian newspaper Gardianul. While initial reports by eyewitnesses claimed that Mitu, 22, broke down after receiving a knee strike to the chest by the 6-foot-11, 300-pound Schilt, an autopsy has since revealed otherwise.

“Mitu has suffered from acute interstitial pneumonia as well as a lung edema and acute bleeding,” Professor Dan Dermengiu, of INML “Mina Minovici,” the forensic institute of Bucharest, told Romanian sports site “Our examination has not shown any type of chest pains. Also there are no traumatic injuries that have been caused by a strike, but only some minor marks stemming from the resuscitation attempts.”

Schilt’s management has said Schilt won’t be talking about the situation until AFTER the grand prix, because even if the autopsy showed that he didn’t kill the dude, I’m sure it must be a pretty huge mindfuck having one of your guys keel over and die, let alone after you whacked him around.