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Dry Don Frye

You can add Don Frye to the list of fighters who are trying to get their drinking problems under control and their fighting careers back on track:

“I quit drinking a month ago because I was doing too much of it,” Frye admitted. “It lost its fun for me, but I was still doing it. Now I’m clean and sober.”

Frye said the change has made an immediate impact in his lifestyle.

“I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning,” Frye said. “I used to stumble out of bed at about 10 o’clock.”

10am is pretty impressive … during my heady drinking days I wouldn’t wake up till 3pm. Although to be fair I wouldn’t start drinking until 8 or 9pm. I guess you know you’ve got issues when your drinking schedule resembles the afternoon shift at a job.

Those worried that a more sober Don Frye might make for a less entertaining Don Frye, you can rest easy. Here’s some choice quotes to show you he’s still the man:

“For some reason (UFC President) Dana White doesn’t like me, and I don’t care enough to find out why,” Frye said. “So he can go pound sand up his ass as far as I’m concerned.”

“I’m a whore,” Frye admitted. “It’s all about the money. I’ll fight for anybody but the UFC.”

While I’m not expecting a Couture-style resurgence in Frye’s career, he’s never disappointed me in terms of entertainment inside or outside of the ring. Here’s hoping he gets to make some decent retirement money in Japan, and that they don’t put him in the ring with Fedor or someone equally unreasonable. Don’t think they’d do that? Look what they’ve done to Sakuraba.

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