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Drunken reflections on UFC 111

*Anyone else recall Mattbrown looking this helpless? Color me stupid for doubting Almeida’s ability to implement his gameplan.
*Diaz fits at 170. Markham better have a good excuse for being so horrifically above weight or he’ll be MFC’s latest acquisition.
*I’m a Miller fan, but I think Bocek got flat out jobbed. I reserve the use of the word robbery – this was that in spades.
*Don’t doubt Batman within 60 miles of Gotham again. This is me salivating over a Pellegrino/Sotiropolous fight.
*I picked Saunders? You guys must be on crack. Jon Fitch is the #2 welterweight in the world. You guys are crazy.
*Fitch would out-Shields Shields every day and twice on Sunday.
*Saunders still has balls. And Ellenberger got his win plus his bonus!
*Shane Shane Carwin, Shaney Shaney Shaney Shaney Car-win!
*Too bad we didn’t bet, Rod – if MMA has proved one thing, it’s that a wrestler that can punch normally wins
*GSP owes nothing to any of you. God forbid someone implement a gameplan no one can stop. Was Royce Gracie gay because he didn’t stand with Kimo? GTFO your high horse and appreciate, instead of denigrate, a style that dominates time and time again.
*Palhares has been suspended 90 days for holding his submission for too long against Drwal. That’s like suspending a starting pitcher for 8 games – sure it looks good, but at worse he’s delayed fighting by one card