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Drunken post-Affliction thoughts

At the moment I’m pretty much torn between being stunned by the way Fedor dismantled Tim Sylvia in a matter of seconds and dissapointed that we didn’t get to see more of a fight between the two heavyweights. The fight kinda highlighted the problem with the entire Affliction card: the finishes were choice, but there wasn’t much substance to the fights past that.

I’m now onto watching UFC Fight Night, so there won’t be much commentary till late late tonight past what I can pull off between the many many Spike commercial breaks. But here’s my thoughts on the card quick and nasty stylez:

The production: I’m gonna give these guys a break … after all, it was their first show. But even keeping that in mind, I was constantly annoyed by terrible transitions and audio fuckups. It did make for some funny moments – cutting to Jay Glazer getting some makeup put on, Tim Sylvia scratching himself in the locker room, and more. But it was hard to get into the flow of things with the audio editor messing up the volumes of everything again and again and again.

The announcers: At first I was liking the dynamic between Glazer, Trigg, and McCarthy but as the night went on I started to find myself annoyed by some of the shit they were stuck on. First off, they had their favorites and they spent the entire night talking them up and dismissing their opponents. I don’t mind a reminder that one guy is the underdog or shit like that, but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when announcers ride a guy’s nuts to the point where you feel like you’re watching a replay and the conclusion of the fight has already been decided.

Another issue was that you essentially had three color commentators and no play by play guys. They were so busy telling stories that they were ignoring half the action in the ring. I lost count of the times where they didn’t bother to explain what was happening on the ground. Sometimes I feel like Joe Rogan goes overboard talking about jiu jitsu but tonight I missed having him around to tell me what Babalu was up to.

But on the plus side, I was expecting Trigg + Glazer to = Me clawing my ears off, but it really wasn’t all that bad.

The fights: Andrei Arlovski stole the show … if Affliction decides to rip off the whole ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus stuff, Arlovski deserves it. I’m glad he figured out after the first round that ‘Aggressive Arlovski’ was the one that wins fights, as opposed to ‘Pussy Arlovski’ who is just afraid of getting knocked out and holds back.

Josh Barnett got the job done but didn’t end up looking too good setting things up. People were booing by the end of the first round and the fight was pretty dreadful to watch right up until Barnett took Rizzo out all brutal-styles.

The Fedor fight … wow. It was amazing to see him steamroll Sylvia, but you got the feeling that he broke Tim Sylvia with the first flurry and Tim just bitched out before the choke was really in. The implications are huge and Fedor is back on top of the heavyweight pile with no questions asked, but as far as a great satisfying fight? It was … but am I crazy for being sad it wasn’t more of a war?

Past that, the rest of the fights were pretty ho-hum. We’re two fights into UFC Fight Night and I’ve already gotten more enjoyment out of them than the entire Affliction card. Or is that the beer talking? Eh.