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Drug suspension D-Day!

The California State Athletic Commission continues to tantalize us with the prospect of drug suspensions resulting from July’s Affliction and EliteXC shows. Word is they’ll be making announcements sometime later today. But because we’re hyperactive fucks who can’t wait and we never pass up the opportunity to speculate wildly on who juices and dopes, here’s the guys who haven’t been officially cleared yet:

On the Affliction side, this leaves only Fedor Emelianenko, Tim Sylvia, Antonio Nogueira, and Edwin Dewees.   I can only imagine what will happen if it’s Fedor, but we do know Tim has been popped for it before.

On the Pro Elite side, we have Jake Shields, Nick Thompson, Antonio Silva, and Justin Eilers.

I know we’re all holding our breath waiting for it to be Fedor or Silva or something, but I bet it’s the lamest guys possible. Oh, Dewees and Eilers tested positive? For what, ultimate suckage? I already knew that.