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Drew Fickett was almost on TUF 1

We love Drew Fickett, partly because he’s a scrappy mofo who’s always ready to pull off the upset, and partly because his self-destructive tendencies are low hanging fruit for websites like Fightlinker. Past rascality here, here, here, and here. Here’s Drew on Judge Judy. And here his is talking to MMA Fighting, where he relates how he missed out on being part of TUF 1:

“While they were filming the show, I was sitting in jail like an idiot. Kenny Florian and Diego [Sanchez] and Chris Leben got the good road. I got to go to jail for a couple months.”

Bizarrely enough, it started over a free pizza. Or rather, it started over what was supposed to be a free pizza, according to a coupon that Fickett and a friend had, but which escalated into a silly and pointless argument over the phone when they called in to redeem it. You can imagine how this goes. Fickett calls and asks for his free pizza, but the guy on the other end isn’t so excited about delivering it. He gives Fickett some attitude. He feels pretty tough over the phone. The next thing he knows, Fickett is promising to come down there and hold the guy accountable for his words.

“I drove down there and kicked the door in, threw a computer on the ground, then I drove off in my truck,” says Fickett. “They ended up arresting me for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for throwing the computer.”

The charge got knocked down to a misdemeanor, but the ensuing legal trouble was enough to keep Fickett off the first season of the reality show, which former manager Hamper thinks might have been the perfect avenue for showcasing his personality to the world.

“He’s perfect for reality TV,” Hamper says. “You don’t get a more real person than Drew. He tells you exactly what he’s thinking.”

Awww yeah, do I sense a perfect contestant for the TUF Comeback season we’re all hoping for?

So now Drew is in Florida (possibly not the best place for someone tryin to stay sane) training with American Top Team. He’s in rehab, is 4 weeks sober, and has had ‘a come-to-Jesus moment’ according to his manager. Hmmm. Does Fickett really need to try and drop booze + live up to Jesus’s high standards all at the same time? Maybe there’s a more realistic middle ground somewhere between being a servant of God and a member of a band named Cock Sandwich.