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Drew Fickett shows up for a fight drunk

When Drew Fickett got banned from the ADCCs two years ago for random drunken insanity, we all had a good laugh and cheered him on for his sheer rascality. Then he washed out of the UFC, but hey … that happens to a lot of guys so no big deal. Then there was the huge unprofessional kerfuffle between Drew, Strikeforce, and MFC. And then he burned his bridges with EliteXC. Hey, what do you expect from a heavy drinking fun loving guy who belongs to a band named Cock Sandwich!

But it was around this point that all of Drew’s ‘adventures’ started seeming more like misfortunes. He kept on adding more and more losses to his record. Before 2008 he was 32-5. From 2008 onwards he was 3-7, with the biggest name on that list being Jesse Taylor, who starched him in 1:42.

An apparent internet meltdown at the end of the year was when I officially stopped poking fun at Drew and started feeling generally concerned for him. And this weekend he justified that concern by showing up for his fight against Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch drunk. Yes, really. Here’s Ritch talking about the situation on the Underground:

Its True…
I showed up to fight, made weight- and waited for Drew.
Drew finally showed up, saw him with the DR. Pre fight physcial and YEP- he was a little waisted. Police were out front they gave Drew a breath- a- lizer- I believe I heard them say he blew a .18 (2X the legal limit.)
Its just Sad, I am a huge Drew Fickett fan, he is a great fighter, but obvisiously has a problem. He is in a dark time in his life. I hope he gets it together.

All I can say about RITC- Rage In The Cage is- They did the right thing, They paid me in full and even tried to get another fighter to replace Drew, no lUCk. JPET and ROLAND did all they could to get the fight to happen, even going as far as giving DREW time to sober up,
To no avail…he was just really DRUNK.?

My hat is off to RITC- They actually treated me with the ut most respect and My sponsers that came and bought 25 ringside 50.00 dollars seats, Roland said he would make it up to them on another show. I hope RITC will give me another opportunity to fight. Im sad for the fans that bought tickets- I had over 100 people there from my home town to watch me fight, Maybe next time.

I hope Drew gets his life back on track!
Shannon “The Cannon”

What else is there to say? It’s been pretty obvious for a while that Drew has a drinking problem and at this point he’s gone from functional addict to full blown alcoholic. Here’s hoping he pulls an Evan Tanner and gets his shit together. Obviously without the whole dying at the end part, you jerks.

(via Bloody Elbow)