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Drew Fickett never disappoints **NOT FAKE**

**UPDATE** There’s a good chance that this whole thing was a troll, and the person posting was not actually Drew Fickett. We’d feel pretty dumb falling for it, but at least Mark Pavelich did too. So now we’re as dumb as he is. Damn.

**UPDATE #2** Drew confirms in a radio interview that he really was behind this.

I was hoping we’d get to see more insanity from Drew Fickett regarding being forced off last night’s Strikeforce card. And lo and behold, Mr Fickett went onto the Underground Forums (the home of intelligent and reasonable discussion on MMA … NOT) and wrote a respectable treatise which could be entitled “Eat my ass, Mark Pavelich”:

Nobody wants to fight. Everybody is a skater now. Unlike the good old days when blood for blood was for the gallons. MFC promoter Mark Pavlich MARK PAVLICH MARK PAVLICH MARK PAVLICH MARK PAVLICH whatever his fucking name is called me last night threatening my life because I was going to fight on short notice at 185lbs in Strikeforce today an entire month before his mfc welterweight gold glittered diamond crested world championship of the whole universe. Now Scott Koker (who fucking rocks!) doesn’t want to get involved and can’t let me fight in his show. Thanks for being a complete fucking doosh bag Mark-thanks for threatening me and my friends and running me out 20,000$-pretty sweet for a blue collar fighter all about the fighters who is just trying to make some money for his unborn baby girl-but I’m the asshole! I’m always the asshole! Fuck you Big Brother. Fuck you corporate politics. And fuck you Jake Shields for being a punk ass bitch. Somebody run into me on the fucking Street-P-L-E-A-S-E. Here’s to Victory Athletics and Team Scrub. Some Real Soldiers who aren’t afraid to stand up in battle. Fuck all the affliction wearing poser’s that don’t even remotely know the direction to-the-.”Skate-Park.”Master

To read Mark Pavelich’s response, click here.