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Drew Fickett is officially washed up

Remember when Drew Fickett losing in minor league shows was news? Yeah, I remember that too. Nowadays, it’s not news when he fights and it’s not news when he loses. He was in action last weekend at the ‘4 Bears Casino and Lodge’ and dropped another fight to some dude named Nik Lentz:

Let’s keep in mind, here, that his opponent, Nik Lentz, is no world-beater. This isn’t a young guy out of nowhere who will set the world on fire in the future. Nick Lentz is the definition of a middle-of-the-road fighter. (This is not to bash Nik Lentz. I mean, he has 15 more victories than I do.) Fickett, on the other hand, was at one time one of the highest regarded welterweights in the game. He is responsible for one of only three losses on Kenny Florian’s record, defeated Josh Neer and Josh Koscheck in the UFC, and beat Dennis Hallman back when it still meant something. Flat out, Fickett is too talented to be losing to Nik Lentz at a backroads casino show in North Dakota.

Now I’m not about to shit on Nik Lentz since 15-3 is a pretty solid record no matter how average your opponents may or may not be. But either Drew Fickett is running into every single next-gen superstar in progress or he’s fallen on some seriously hard times. I’m going to assume the latter. Maybe all his insane internet ramblings are trolls and maybe they’re not, but his record doesn’t lie: 2-6 over his last 8 fights is terrible. The best word I can use to sum it up is ‘abortion’, and I don’t use it in a shocking “Oooh he said abortion” kind of way. I say it because Drew Fickett used to have a beautiful career and now he’s decided to stick a vacuum up his vagina and destroy it.