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Drew Fickett hurts his knee

The lord giveth, and he taketh away. Right on the heels of hearing that Nick Diaz and Mayhem Miller have been added to the DREAM.3 card, we’ve now got the news that the Jake Shields vs Drew Fickett fight in June is off AGAIN due to Fickett hurting his knee. No word on how he did it … was it while training, touring with his band Cock Sandwich, or during a rumble at a grappling tournament? And no word on how bad the injury is either, which seems like the kind of obvious question people want answered regarding stuff like this.

The silver lining here though is that the fight is more likely to end up on the second CBS card, which is good because between the May and June shows it seemed like EliteXC was spreading it’s roster pretty thin. While Shields vs Fickett is really more of a match for hardcore fans, a belt is a belt and hopefully it’ll balance whatever woefully low-brow main event Gary Shaw has in mind for their second network show. Gina Carano versus four midgets? Antonio Silva versus Jared Shaw? Now those are fights I’d pay big bucks to see!