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Drew Fickett gets smashed, gets UFC73 gig

Well, it wouldn’t be if I didn’t report overblown and unproven information. If you’re more of a reputable news reader, you’ve probably heard that Drew Fickett has replaced Jeff Joslin at UFC73. What you probably haven’t heard is that a shirtless Fickett went on a drunken bender through his hotel after being eliminated from the ADCCs two weekends ago. Here are some tender morsels of goodness:

I’m not sure why, but one of the Brazilian fighters refused to shake his hand. Fickett did not react well. Moments later, hotel security was dragging him away, shirtless and howling. A person nearby asked if there was a camera crew around filming a reality show.

After the party had settled down, I decided to hit the sack and headed up to my room. The last thing I expected when the elevator doors opened on my floor was to find myself face-to-face with a shirtless, weeping Drew Fickett. Nevertheless, there I was and there was he, the fighter who had knocked out Josh Koscheck with a flying knee, Drew Fickett, shirtless and weeping.

As an extra precaution I took the liberty of calling the front desk. “Drew Fickett chased me into my room,” I said. “You might want to send someone up here.”

“We know,” the voice replied, sounding exasperated. “We’ve gotten three calls already about it. Security is on the way.”

Of course, this is all reported by some guy from, the closest thing MMA has to the National Enquirer (I prefer to consider myself the Weekly World News). So take it worth a grain of salt. I’ve been asking some media friends to ask Drew ‘what was up with your drunken rampage’, but none of those cowards have the balls to ask him.